Welcome to the Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival, and the Michigan Duck Hunters Tournament! We all hope you enjoy the show! If you are a vendor, a visitor, or would just like to find out more about the show, please feel free to contact us and find out more about this great event.

Pointe Mouillee State Game Area
37205 Pt. Mouillee Rd.
Brownstown, MI 48173
(734) 379 9692

Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival
P.O. Box 1
Brownstown, MI 48173

(734) 625-1996

 Motel Listings near Pte. Mouillee.

Motel Listings near Pte. Mouillee.

 Click the image for DNR Official Map of the Pte. Mouillee State Game Area.

Click the image for DNR Official Map of the Pte. Mouillee State Game Area.

Executive Board Members

Name Title Phone #
Bob Whitwam Executive Director 734-587-3221
Dick Whitwam Community Affairs 734-552-8851
Sam DeAngelo Treasurer 734-231-1441
Recording Secretary 734-625-1996
Linda Zurawski Corresponding Secretary 734-379-4217

Board Members

Name Title Phone #
Bill Barrow Co-Chairperson River Events 734-379-3531
Dan Harold Co-Chairperson River Events 734-216-6651
Joe Marra Trading Post 734-384-3915
Bob Kemper Trading Post 734-652-7243
Dave Van Buren Parking 734-673-7911
Joe Boudrie Retriever Event 734-799-6070
Marilyn Nietubicz T-Shirts 734-612-0227
Fred Brommund Boy Scouts 734-301-6959
Adam Schultz Dog Jump 734-301-0030
Jake Taylor River Events 734-652-5540
Dick Micka Art Tent 734-693-9611
John Oblak Archery Course 313-949-3008

Alternate Board Members

Name Title Phone#
James Beach BB Gun Shoot 734-231-3453
Bob Highley River Events 734-771-7162
Matt LaCombe Goose Calling 734-414-10011
Mike Sype River Events 734-790-5392


NameTitlePhone #
John SnowTrading Post734-735-7153
Tom WatlingTrading Post734-457-6558
Michelle BuehlerT-Shirts734-755-9229
Karen KnittelKids Activities734-771-0471
Shelley ReganKids Activites734-576-3490
Brian BahrFood Service734-735-8357
Dan HillDog Events734-289-1625
Dan HarbisonKids Activities810-227-3186
Blue WilsonRaffle Events734-558-5398
Doug ReimelProp-N-Sail734-287-6180
Matt RankinMaintenance734-497-9262

Marketing / Media

Name Title Phone #
Shauna Nietubicz Marketing Director 734-558-5980