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Midwest Goose Calling Championships

Contact: Matt LaCombe (313) 414-1001
Registration Saturday 10:00AM to 12:00PM.
Events start at 1:00PM

New “Hunter” Novice Contest*
Entry Fee $10.00

 1st Place $50.00, Hevi-Shot Hat and a laser Engraved Plaque
2nd Place Laser Engraved Plaque and a Hevi-Shot Hat
3rd Place Laser Engraved Plaque and a Hevi-Shot Hat
*If you have won a Novice or a Sanctioned Contest you are not eligible 

Mid-West Goose Calling Championship
Entry Fee $40.00

1st Place $300.00, $400 in Hevi-Shot Ammo and a laser engraved plaque
2nd Place $200.00, $200 in Hevi-Shot Ammo and a laser engraved plaque
3rd Place $100.00, $100 in Hevi-Shot Ammo and a laser engraved plaque 

Pte. Mouillee Waterfowl Festival Goose Calling Rules

  1. A caller of any age may enter. There will be a Junior, Novice and Senior division. A caller who has not attained his/her 16th birthday by the date of the contest can be considered a Junior. Juniors may compete in both the Junior, Novice and Senior Divisions. Proof of birth date may be required by judges.
  2. Registration will be on Saturday September 10 th beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 12:45.
  3. The Junior contest will begin first at 1:00. Followed by the Novice, The senior and then by the Two Man meat contest.
  4. For the Junior, Novice and the Senior, contestants will call from a blind for 90 seconds in full view of the audience but concealed from the judges. As the contestant takes position in the blind, a red light will be turned on. Contestant will be asked whether he/she wants a "warm up" which is not to exceed 10 seconds. Contestant must make no sound except for calling on stage. When contestant starts calling the red light goes off. After 80 seconds the red light comes back on which signifies that there are only 10 seconds left to complete his/her call. At 90 seconds, the red light goes off. Failure to complete the call before the light goes off will disqualify the contestant from further competition in the contest.
  5. Callers must blow the "Hail" call, followed by the "Come On" call, then the "Come Back" call and finally, the "Confidence" call of the Canada Goose. Time of calling is not to exceed 90 seconds.
  6. Callers may use there voice or mechanical calls. Electronic calls are illegal.
  7. Contestants will be known by number only. Numbers will be selected by chance at the last minute in the warm up room under supervision for each of the two preliminary rounds and the final event. No contestant can leave the isolation room until the conclusion of the contest.
  8. Scoring will be on a point system. There will be three to five judges. The highest score a judge can give is 80 points in the first round, 90 points in the second round and 100 points in the third round. The total number of points will be determined by totaling the score after eliminating the highest and lowest scores. The contestant with the highest total accumulated score shall be declared the winner with the next highest second and so forth. Decisions of the judges in all matters is final.
  9. There are no ties. In the event of a tie in prelims, a call-off will be held in order to reach the top five finalists. In the event of a tie in the finals, a call-off will determine individual place standings.
  10. Any conduct unbecoming a sportsman shall result in disqualification.
  11. Be respectful of callers on stage. No talking during competition and all cell phones must be turned off.
  12. Callers winning in any sanctioned contest are exempt from calling in the Novice division competition.


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